Saturday, January 12, 2008

Today has dawned cloudy and white, much like every other day lately. But I would actually prefer this cloudy, cold weather to the warm muddy weather we had recently. Our road was so muddy that I was sure I would get stuck a few times. The road is supposed to be a gravel road, but it has turned into basically a dirt road. Which means that it turns into instant mud when the weather warms up and the snow melts.

It snowed on Thursday afternoon, so Meredith and I built a snowman in the dark in the evening. I also took Jesse outside for a little while. It was the first time he has ever "played" in the snow. His version of playing in the snow was to just sit there while I held him the whole time. (Picture the little boy in the snow suit from A Christmas Story movie...that was Jesse!) I tried to pull Meredith and Jesse on a sled, but the snow was so wet and heavy that I wasn't strong enough to go any further than our driveway. Hopefully the snowman will still be here when Jim and Bev come out to visit next weekend. Meredith would love to show off her handiwork!

As I type this, Kent is in our basement working on my new crafting room. We are going to rearrange our office and move all of my sewing, scrapbooking, and cardmaking stuff down to our basement...yes, our basement is still unfinished. Our office was getting very cramped and cluttered, so we're moving my stuff out. Meredith was practically in tears when she heard what we were doing, and once we had promised her that she could also move her office stuff to the basement, she was happy as a clam. It will take some work to get the room in the basement ready, though. The room has a light in it, but no other wiring, and only studs for walls. So Kent is wiring the room for electricity and putting up insulation on the walls. I will just need to get creative and figure out how to store all my junk, I mean stuff, and how to make the room more homey - without any drywall up! Jim, you can bring your work clothes when you come to visit, because I believe Kent plans on putting you to work down there!

Well, I've written enough for today...the few Christmas decorations that are still up at my house are calling my name to take them down!

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