Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meredith's Birthday!

Well, we can hardly believe it, but our little girl is now 5 years old. Of course it seems like just yesterday that I was in the hospital in agony, but I won't reminisce about that! :)

We had so much fun this weekend - I hope this has been a really special birthday for Meredith. Friday afternoon I went to preschool with her for the whole time - a first for me! We are so thankful for such a great preschool class and great teachers - we have really seen Meredith "blossom" throughout this year. After school Meredith had a tea party at our house for 4 of her special friends. There were 2 girls from her preschool class there, 1 girl from her school and church who comes to play at our house for a few hours every Monday, and Meredith's cousin, Gretta. The girls got to decorate sugar cookies, dress up in princess clothes, and have a tea party with real teacups and real tea. Kent took all the girls home by 5:30, so it was a short party, but still long enough to have a lot of fun! On Friday evening we had my family over for a birthday party for Meredith, so she got to have 2 parties in one day. She was thrilled about having her cousins come to play, her presents (of course), and the High School Musical cake that we got for the party.

On her actual birthday, we had a bit more subdued day. We had planned to go to Meredith's school for her to play on the playground equipment and ride her bike. But plans changed (as they tend to do) and Kent, Meredith and I went to the movie Horton Hears A Who instead. We all loved the movie, and it was definitely a special treat for all of us. Kent and I had a church youth group fundraiser dinner to go to in the evening, so Meredith's cousin Lauren came with a friend to babysit her and Jesse. I was feeling bad that we weren't going to be with Meredith on the evening of her birthday until I realized that she would probably prefer to play with Lauren instead of just being home with Kent and I!

So all in all, I think Meredith had a good weekend. We are still in denial that she is actually 5 years old - surely she can't be that old, right?!? :)

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