Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blizzard Adeline

So I'm wondering why only hurricanes are named. Anyone know?

Because I think I'll start naming storms. I decided it was Blizzard Adeline that caused the snow yesterday and today.

So instead of saying, "Hey, do you remember the Ice Storm of 2007?" You would say, "So did you lose power during Ice Storm Hazel?"

Do you think it will catch on?? :)

Anyway, since I really can't write a post without a picture, I'll show you what Meredith was busy doing on the first snow day of the year: organizing presents!



Marlinda said...

I can't believe you have presents wrapped. You are so on the ball. I still only have lights on the tree--my big goal for the day is (become much closer to) finishing decorating.

Beth Swantz said...

were there some under there with my name???