Thursday, March 3, 2011

rainbow pancakes

I recently stumbled across a recipe for rainbow pancakes (click here for the recipe). 

They looked so yummy and fun, that I had to make them for the kids. 
The pictures are pretty bad, but the pancakes were soooo good! And of course they don't actually taste different than regularly-colored pancakes, but your mind tricks you into thinking that they are better! :)
(Please don't judge me because of my daughter's bed head...that's just life in our house on a Saturday morning!)


mom said...

What fun. Very creative.

dad said...

yummmmy yummmy Are they called Peacock pancakes. Will you have some in three weeks. We are so sorry that we did not get t skip the other night. We can get a radio station in Des Monies that has the ball games on the internet. so we will be listening to the game Monday after noon. If they win we will probably be heading north.
Love dad

Taylor said...

Could those kids get any cuter?