Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean

We like to play Lego video games on the Wii at our house. To be truthful, Jesse and I like to play Lego video games. This year we got Pirates of the Caribbean and played that quite a bit. Especially after we had gotten at least 70% of the way through the game and then Jesse deleted everything that was saved - which meant that we had to work at getting back to 70%! Anyway, towards the end of the summer it was apparent that we played a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean. When your kids put on a play that is based on a video game, that means that you need to put the Wii remote away!

Meredith dressed up as Jack Sparrow.

And Jesse dressed up as Davy Jones. 

They waged a fierce battle.

But in the end, Jack Sparrow defeated Davy Jones and found the treasure. 

It was quite creative and way adorable!

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Beth Swantz said...

so, so cute!!!
And welcome back to the world of blogging - i've missed you!