Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beat the Heat, Take 3

Yet another way that we beat the heat and the astronomically high humidity last week.

Swimming at my sister Beth's house. My sister Kristen and her 2 kids plus one friend were there, as were Beth's 2 girls plus another friend. We had so much fun cooling off in the pool.

Jesse got to play in the pool instead of taking his afternoon nap. So he was a bit sleepy. Can you tell? I think he was just dozing here - his eyes would open up just a bit every so often.

Beth, how warm is the pool today? Can we come over to play?


Kim said...

Looks like a lot of fun, but I didn't see Beth in those pictures!!

Nelson Family said...

Great pictures, we beat the Arizona heat by running north. Weather in Utah has been great. Sorry I havent blogged in awhile cant seem to get pictures uploaded here so it will have to wait till I'm home. Hope your enjoying your summer
Arizona Pen Pal

bets said...

I was in the pool this afternoon - the top half of me was nice and toasty - it was out of the water in the sun. The bottom half was CHILLY! It was in the water...about 69 degrees. Oh well!! It will warm up again and then you can come play! :)