Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's go bowling

On Saturday we had a bowling party for Jace and Meredith. They both wanted to go bowling for their birthday, and since their birthdays are relatively close together (Jace's is Feb. 15 and Mer's is Mar. 29) it worked well to make it a joint party.

It has been many years since I've been bowling.

Unless you count Wii bowling. Then it's been only a month or two!

I at least hit 100. Barely. Meredith was at first disappointed because it wasn't like she thought it would be. She didn't realize the bowling ball would be so heavy. But she still had fun, and even got a spare or two.

Jesse had fun too. For the most part.

(Yeah, he's not the most photogenic...unfortunately he gets that from me.)

Jace and Meredith were of course thrilled with the presents. Jesse was, well, not too happy that it wasn't his birthday and he didn't get any presents.

After bowling, most of us went out for pizza...where Meredith and Jace had fun playing with their cousins and playing with the fun stuff that they got.

Happy late 5th birthday, Jace and happy early 7th birthday, Meredith!


Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

It was a fun party and I got some good pictures. Grandma

taylor said...

jealous jealous jealous!

Theresa + Kent said...
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Anonymous said...

Even though my score was an all-time low, I still beat Dad!!!!!!