Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's go fly a kite

Well, it's spring, and we are all LOVING the spring-like weather. Last week it was windy enough that we got to fly some kites in the evening.

Jesse had fun chasing the kites and their tails.

No matter how high they were!

Mike, Zach and Grace had a kite,

my dad had one of his kites, and Meredith

and Jesse

 had their kites.

All the kites were in the air together for maybe 5 minutes...


1 got stuck in a power line (I know, isn't that the cardinal rule to avoid when flying a kite? I won't tell you whose it was, but I will say that my kids and I were staying WELL away from the power lines...)

And then Mike's dragon kite tried to eat our fish kite...

...and the the wind died. So the only kite that would fly was our fish kite (once we extracted it from the dragon...)

I have a feeling the fish and owl kites will be seeing a lot of air time this spring and summer...

1 comment:

Beth Swantz said...

great pics!!! they just capture a windy march iowa evening!!