Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kent's Health Scare

So most of you know that we had a scare last week with Kent. For the previous week he sometimes had the feeling as he was going to sleep that he was going to pass out. Then on Friday, he had the feeling during the day...and it just kept getting worse. He went to the doctor, and they sent him straight to the Emergency Room at the hospital in Iowa City.

He had all sorts of tests done: Cat scan, MRI, blood tests, etc. Everything came back looking really good. At first it seemed frustrating that we didn't know what was causing the problem. However, we were very very relieved to rule out major issues like a tumor, stroke, etc.

Kent had his first overnight stay in the hospital for observation on Friday night. (I guess he probably stayed overnight in the hospital when he was born, but he can't seem to recall that stay...) By Saturday morning the neurologist came by and released him. Since the doctor couldn't find any evidence of a problem, he treated Kent with anti-anxiety medication. It was, as the doctor said, "A shot in the dark," but at least they are trying something. Kent will go back to the doctor on Friday morning and maybe we'll know more then.

Fortunately Kent hasn't had any big episodes where he feels like he's going to black out since last weekend. When he first started the medication he seemed quite out of it, but his body has now adapted and he seems to be handling the medication better.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and help during last weekend. In the Emergency Room Kent expressed concern over where our kids were. It was so wonderful to know that my family was taking over the care of them - it was one less thing to worry about!

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