Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meredith is a Kindergartener!

Well, the day has finally come when Meredith starts kindergarten. I know it's a cliché, but it seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital!

Meredith is the child that can easily sleep in the morning until 9:00 - if I let her. And the bus will come every morning at, can you tell that we had our work cut out for us?!? Ever since baseball has been over, we have been slowly but surely moving Meredith's bedtime up and moving her wake up time forward too. Today I woke her at 6:30 and although she wasn't too happy to get up, she wasn't mad either. And by the time she got dressed and ready and downstairs to homemade pancakes that Kent had made, she was actually smiling. Now we'll just see how tomorrow morning goes!

Meredith was all smiles as she got off the bus this afternoon at 4. She said that she had a great time, although it was very hard for her to pin down her favorite thing for the day. One thing she was especially happy about was that they had 3 recesses ("We get 3 recesses every day, Mommy!") and that they didn't have to sleep during nap time. ("It's rest time, Mommy, not nap time!") She said that she can't wait to go back tomorrow, so I guess she had fun!

I think Meredith's backpack matches Riley's - it's High School Musical. (I think it's so funny that High School Musical is popular with everyone but high schoolers - but that's another subject...) Meredith's shirt was also high school musical. Meredith was convinced that she needed High School Musical socks to complete the ensemble, but I put my foot down and we got socks that match the color, but not HSM!

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