Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Monday Meredith, Jesse and I went to the pedestrian mall in Iowa City to play on the toys and in the fountain one last time before Meredith started school. The toys and fountain are right by the public library, so I thought that we would play there also. We've been to the library quite a few times this summer, but we never had enough time to just stay there and play in the fountain and on the play equipment. So I decided that I better take Meredith there before the end of the summer and the end of her carefree pre-school time.

Meredith had a great time playing in the fountain - plugging the water holes, spraying herself, and running through the water. She was especially thrilled that she could wear her swimsuit in the middle of town when she wasn't even in a swimming pool!

Jesse, on the other hand, threw his first public tantrum! I thought he would like to put his hand in the water and get wet because he loves using the garden hose to get wet at home. Something set him off, though, and he wouldn't calm down for anything. He wasn't interested in either snack I brought, his drink, sitting in the stroller, pushing the stroller, sitting on my lap, letting me hold him, or any other tactics that I tried. So unfortunately we had to cut our morning much shorter than anticipated, but I know Meredith still had fun while it lasted!

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Theresa + Kent said...

Reading the blog and looking at the pictures truly makes my day!