Thursday, March 5, 2009

Letter to Kent & Jesse

Dear Kent and Jesse,

Sorry it's taken so long to write to you again. We've been busy "beaching" it here. On both the East and West coast of Florida. Tuesday we went to Cocoa Beach on the east coast of Florida and played in the Atlantic Ocean. I believe that's a first for me.

It was extremely cold, so I'm glad that you weren't here, Jesse. Because I'm almost positive you wouldn't have liked the cold wind and the even colder water. Meredith and I braved the water - but as you can tell from the pictures, we didn't brave the water for long!

The afternoon was spent picking up shells, building a small sandcastle, writing love notes in the sand,

and watching and helping Dad fly a kite.

On our way home from the beach, we had our traditional seafood meal that we have to have every Florida vacation. However, we had it at quite a non-traditional place. Mom and I were impressed with the food and I thought the ambiance was fun. Except, of course, for the half-naked mermaid hanging from the ceiling!

If only it wasn't so cold, we could have sat on the patio and smelled the fishy smell while viewing the million-dollar homes that were across the river and right by the coast.

Today we went to Siesta Key in Sarasota on the west side of Florida. Pictures will be coming sometime soon...but here's a taste of what's to come. This is what Meredith spent a lot of the afternoon today working on.

We miss you and will be home soon!
Theresa and Meredith

P.S. Meredith was quite upset with me after my last post because I didn't include either of the pictures that she so carefully planned. She took great pains to pick out the background and to set everything up. So here are her My Little Ponies...

and here is the white tiger (named Sweet Berry after the My Little Pony of the same name) that Grandma got her at Busch Gardens.

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bets said...

Meredith - you have a very good eye for the pictures! I love the photos...