Monday, March 16, 2009

do you have days like this?

Do you have days when you just let loose and dance with wild abandon with your kids?

(So the picture doesn't really show dancing with wild abandon...Kent made me delete those pictures, but trust me...all four of us were groovin' to the music!)

Yeah, we like days like that.

They make me smile.

P.S. I know the picture of Meredith is horribly blurry. But even so, I love how she is just so into dancing!


Marci said...

We have days like that and I love them, but we don't seem to have enough of them. Sadly, it seems dancing goes to the back burner in our busy lives. Thanks for the reminder to bring it front and center!!
Fun pics!

Nelson Family said...

Our kids love to dance with mom and dad. I think we enjoy it as much as they do!!
I've never taken the camera out to take pictures, I would love to hide the video camera before turning on the music so that I can film it without anyone being self conscious about it. Except myself of course!!!
Our girls have competition between them over who's hair is cutier that day, so I'm stuck trying to be extra creative without making one look better than the other. The thrill of having three girls! HaHa. Thank goodness the boys have short hair.
You guys must be excited to have warm weather again. Its been in the 80's all week here, so were back to planting gardens and flowers this weekend.
Hope all is well,
God Bless