Monday, March 16, 2009

What I've been up to

For Christmas I got a bunch of fabric and gift certificates to fabric shops, and I've been having so much fun in my craft room just sewing away.

My first project was this purse.
I wanted to make some of these purses to sell, but I needed to make a trial one first. I happened to have enough of this fabric in my stash. I'm not overly excited about the fabric choice, but again, it was what I had to work with.

I love it because it's really roomy. And I hate it because it's really roomy - usually I have it so full that it's waaay too heavy for me, and then I can't find a thing! But I guess that's more of an organizational problem, and it's not the bag's fault!

My next project was this fun purse.
I'm totally in love with it. It makes me feel like spring is in the air - regardless of the temperature outside! I bought the fabric with the intention of making the purse and selling it. But...I loved it too much to sell it. So now it's mine. (Yes, Kent, I really can use yet another purse!) It's reversible, but I don't know that I'd ever reverse it. but since it's reversible that means that there are no inside pockets...bummer!

So then I figured I'd branch out into making aprons. And I made this one for me...

And this one for Meredith.
The best part was using fat quarters that I got for Christmas. (Meredith's is made from Tula Pink fabric - for all of you who know how excited I was about getting Tula Pink fabric this Christmas!) The 2 best things about hers is that it's totally reversible and way cute either way, and that I was able to make it in one evening. With no pattern. This, coming from the girl who uses a recipe for everything and who religiously sticks to patterns and instructions.

So what am I working on now? I can't show the whole project because 1) I'm still working on it and it's not yet close to being finished, and 2) it's a graduation gift for my awesome niece, Taylor.
She chose the fabric, so on the off-chance that she reads this blog, she can see the work-in-progress...but yet she won't know how far along I am and when she'll be able to get her present. The purse is the pattern of the first purse that I made, just in fabric that she chose. I think it will turn out really cute. And hopefully it will be great for all the fun things that she will do when she's away at college in Virginia!

Anyway, I better run because my sewing machine and Taylor's purse are calling my name...

I wonder how much further I can get on the purse before Meredith gets home from school and Jesse wakes up from his nap...


Kim said...

Looking at all of your projects makes me want to run down to my craft room and get to work! What cute things you have made!

Donna said...

Very cute! I didn't know you sewed. It is so fun and relaxing for me.