Thursday, April 30, 2009

Banquet time

Saturday night was IMS' banquet. IMS is the local private school that also happens to be my alma mater, and the school where Kent coaches baseball. IMS doesn't have a junior-senior prom, but instead has a banquet. Last year we were in Ohio during banquet, so I didn't get to see my nieces Alyssa or Taylor in all their finery. Since Taylor is a senior this year, I was thrilled to be around to see her get ready.

I think I want someone to come and do my makeup every day!

Awwww...isn't she pretty?

Taylor and her date went to banquet in Taylor's dad, Rod's restored Camaro. Rod got the car started, and drove it around the block before relinquishing it to Taylor's date. At one point, I wasn't sure if he would let it go!

Taylor and her date, Jarron.

Kristen and I drove to IMS to see some of the people arrive in style. The funniest thing was that after most people had arrived, a bunch of junior guys walked around the parking lot checking out all of the cool cars. What do you think their dates were doing while these guys were outside?

Anyway, I had a great time, and felt privileged to be a part of this rite of passage for Taylor!

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mom & Dad said...

Great pics!!!!! I am so glad that you shared them. We missed the whole event but its so good to see them via THE BLOG.