Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I thought Jesse had a good nap yesterday.

I really did.

But when Meredith got home from school, he was ready to take another nap.

On the stairs! (Of course along with his baby.)

Meredith was so sweet - she was totally mothering him! She said prayers with him, read him a book, and sang the ballgame song with him. (Yes, he requests Take Me Out To The Ballgame before every nap and before he goes to bed.)

And then it looked so fun, that Meredith decided to join him on the stairs!


Wilbur and Mary said...

Fun, fun and what a good little mother.

bets said...

too cute!!

Nelson Family said...

Hi my Iowa friend! Life looks like its been fun lately, hows the weather? Spring hit yet? Its in the 80's here. I dread the 100's that are soon to come.
Life here has been busy, 6 weeks of school left then I have my hubby and kids to myself all summer. Were taking a trip to Utah to do some camping and hiking. My older brother is stationed there so were excited to see him and his family. I would love to get to know more about you. Our blogs show alot about our kids but never about ourselves. Maybe we should make an effort to make a blog about who we are, as women, wives and mothers. We could see who could be more creative!! Up for the challange... Let me know if your interested and maybe we could get our other blogger friends to join in. With mothers day coming its a good excuse, right???
Hope all is well
Your Arizona Pen Pale