Saturday, April 18, 2009

Was it you?

So tell me - how does my house get to be such a wreck in just a few short days?

Our week was off because we were still in Chicago on Monday, and that has totally thrown off my cleaning and laundry schedule. (Wow, am I really that predictable and schedule-driven that one day throws off the whole week?? How sad!!)

So I'm wondering who it was that came into our house and made it such a mess.

Was it you?

Was it the mess-making fairies?

Because I know it wasn't me or my kids. And to be Supportive Wife, I probably shouldn't blame Kent.

So do I get right to work cleaning up? Do I put aside all other things until I get everything back in order?

Oh no.

I blog about it.

Gotta love creative prcrastination tactics!

(If you ever want a good dose of humility, send me your dirty house pictures to be posted for anyone to see...)

1 comment:

bets said...

I promise it wasn't me...although the same gremlin keeps showing up in my house and in my classroom! :)