Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bunny Burner Breakfast

So let's just clear the air right now. I'm not talking about burning bunnies. Let me repeat - no bunnies were harmed in the making of this breakfast!

Bunny burner breakfasts are a tradition in our family. My Dad's family made these breakfasts and now our family does. It's a breakfast that you make outside on a tin can. It consists of bacon, an egg, and bread. Oh yeah, and smoke. And burned bits of who knows what. And more smoke. And maybe a little dirt. And then more smoke.

So for Memorial Day, we had a send-off party for my parents (who will be leaving for Alaska for 3 months in just a few days) and we made bunny burners.

Step #1
Preparing the tin cans. Sorry, no pictures! You need large cans that already have the top off the can (that open part now becomes the bottom of the can.) Then you cut an opening on the side at the bottom for the fire. You also cut small air holes around the top of the side of the can.

Put a corn cob (minus the corn on it) or two under the can. Then dip another cob in some kerosene. Or gasoline. Not quite sure which was used. Light the fire very carefully with a match. Making sure to keep away when you throw the match in the can. (I believe we all have all our arm hair and eyebrows still, but there were a few close calls on Monday!)

Step #3
Add bacon. 2 or three pieces.

Step #4
Check fire. Add more cobs if needed.

Step #5
Move bacon around with a fork. Or a poker. Or a stick.

Step #6
Check fire again. Add more cobs if needed.

Step #7
If your bacon is done, use it to form a ring in which to crack an egg.

Step #8
Check fire again. By now the fire is probably out, in spite of your best efforts. First you have to determine if your fire is getting too much or not enough breeze. Then you move the can around accordingly. Then you need to add yet another cob that you dipped in kerosene. And then you get to light the fire again.

Step #9
Carefully flip the egg and bacon over. Take extra care to keep it on the tin can so that it doesn't fall on the ground.

Step #10
Line up who will be using the can next. I am always bummed that Kent likes to make these, because I would gladly make enough for my whole family. The fun is in the making of the breakfast. Well. I guess it's in the eating too!

Step #11
When the egg is cooked through, you will need to have 2 pieces of bread. One goes on the bottom of the egg and bacon, and the other on the top. When the bottom piece is toasted, flip the sandwich and toast the other side.

Enjoy all the greasy, outdoorsy goodness of your bacon and egg sandwich made outside. On a tin can. (You'll see that I was halfway done eating before I remembered to take a picture!)

We also had a campfire on Monday. (Is it still called a campfire if you're not camping?) It was a good way to be together as a family before my parents leave for Alaska. We had a great time, but I was definitely ready to go home and take a shower to wash all the smokey smell out of my hair.



bets said...

you did such a good job of capturing the fun in both pics and description... I could eat one right now!!

Hawksgr8 said...

Use kerosene, NOT gas. That was a very relaxing and fun morning.

Nelson Family said...

Okay, this one Michael and I want to try next time we go camping. I think all our family and friends will think were nuts. Not sure what we'll put the cans on since we dont take cynder blocks with us camping but we'll figure something out. Lets just hope we dont start the national forest on fire!

Anonymous said...

A much easier and definitely safer source of fuel is to take a tuna can --large or small==cut strips of cardboard the same heighth as the can. Roll the cardboard fairly tight until you have enough to fill the can. Then fill the can with melted parafin or melted candle wax and stick a wick in the center. When the wax hardens, you have a wonderful burner that can be used many times. Just keep adding more wax and more wick. Much safer than using kerosene and corn cobs and definitely better smelling and the clean up is easy--just let can cool and wax hardens and you are ready to travel. This goes back in my history about 50 years ago when I was in 4-H. Have fun and enjoy!!!!!