Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What we have been up to.

Well, a lot of time has been spent outside lately.

We've taken many wagon rides to and from the garden. Which is coming along quite nicely, I think! This row of lettuce and spinach has at least doubled in size from when I took the picture.
Last year was the first year that I was in charge of the garden instead of my mom. And I learned a lot. This year I'm doing better at knowing what to plant, what is a plant and what is a weed, and knowing that it's sooo much easier to keep weeds at bay if you just deal with them when they are tiny.

Meredith found baby kittens in the garden shed and had a day or two to play with them...before the mother cat moved them to a safer place. Meredith has been searching and searching for them at my parents house, but to no avail.

She was so thrilled with the 6 baby kittens (can you tell from the picture??) They were old enough that their eyes were open and she could hold them, but they were young enough to not yet be scared of humans.

More to come on what we've been up to...

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Mom and Dad said...

Good blog and you are right the garden plants are a lot taller. I too wonder where the kittens are hidden. When we get home, we will have to do an all out search.