Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow day #7

Meredith has been doing really good lately at getting up when her alarm goes off. She loves it if she can get dressed and ready before we come into her room in the morning.

So the other day we had a snow day. I got the message around 5 or 6, and we thought we would all sleep in a bit because we could. Only Meredith didn't know. And she didn't wake us up so we could tell her. And I thought she was still sleeping. But no, she got ready for school, got herself some juice and a granola bar, and got ready for the bus. She even had boots, coat, hat, mittens and backpack on. Luckily Kent woke up (by then it was 7:30) and found her waiting for the bus. And he snapped a picture of her waiting. She said she checked on us a few times but she didn't want to wake us!


Anonymous said...

How grown up Meredith is already! Good job.


Beth Swantz said...

that is just so sweet!!! I love it!