Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter hike. I mean walk.

We had a free afternoon and evening on Easter Sunday, and just about didn't know what to do with ourselves. Since my parents are now gone to American Samoa for a while and Kent's parents were in Florida (which meant no road trip to Indiana,) we didn't have any big family gathering to go to.

So we decided to have a picnic at a park and do a little hiking walking and playing outside.

And had TONS of fun!

(Note that I did not get any pictures of our actual picnic. Yeah, 'cause the kids had Lunchables and Kent and I had Chinese takeout. Yup, that's right, Chinese takeout. Not exactly my first thought for picnic food, but it's what we were hungry for!)

Also, I do realize that no matter how many times I boost the color of the photos in Photoshop, it still comes across as a bit of a dreary day. I didn't even think about how colorless everything was. We were just so happy to be outside that it didn't even matter!

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M & D said...

I love the hike/walk and I agree with you that its so good to get out after winter in Iowa. Love the pictures.