Monday, April 26, 2010

Our spring

Yes, I'm still here.

We've had a lot of fun lately playing and working outside. In the past few weeks we have:
  • tilled and planted the garden (I'm sure the guy who was planting across the road had a good laugh at me while tilling. The rototiller basically drives drags me around the garden instead of me driving it!)
  • dug out a new flower bed and then tilled it (hoping to plant some bushes there this week...Mom, I was going to get some of those snowball hydrangeas from your house that we had talked about earlier. If you have tips for me on replanting, please comment or email!)
  • added more flowers to a few flower beds (Mom, I got some of your day lilies...hope that was OK?!?!?)
  • weeded all flower beds and mulched the ones that have mulch on them
  • weeded and mulched all of our trees that are not a part of our windbreak (weeding and mulching those trees is a month-long project, at the very least!)
  • planted almost all of my planters (and wanted to kick my cat to the curb when he used a planter for a litter box 3 times!)
  • mowed 3 times (and considering this takes multiple hours, that's saying a lot!)
  • took a long mule ride (the vehicle, not the animal) to Old Man's Creek on the black diamond...they are finally done with the bridge but are now working on the road on both sides leading up to the bridge
  • and played countless hours of Yankee baseball (a.k.a. t-ball) and soccer with the kids
Anyway, we've had so much fun being outside that I just haven't taken the time to come inside to blog...have you noticed??


Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

I love this blog and it makes me want to come home and putter in the garden and flower beds.

Nelson Family said...

Your on the ball, I cant even emagine planting a garden this year. Not that I dont have space in our yard but with the addition going up my back yard has been taken over by saw dust! I wish I could plant flowers and plants, I have this beautiful flower garden thats trimmed in with the cute cement design but with my big trees out front covered in leaves my flowers dont get any sun. I tried asking people what kind of plants grow in the shade and all I've come up with is house plants. So thats what I hang out above the planter is all my house plants. The planter is still empty! Oh well.
Hope your enjoying the warm weather, I just hope our's doesnt get too hot too soon!