Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Slumber Party

Kent was gone last Thursday through Sunday. And we've been having issues with Jesse and him sleeping through the night. As in, he doesn't. Ever. He usually comes over to our bed between midnight and 1. And then spends the rest of the night tossing and turning and kicking and waking us up. I had a particularly rough night with him on Thursday night. As in 2 separate tantrums at 2 different times in the middle of the night.

So on Friday night I decided to try something different partly because of Jesse, but also because I knew Meredith would love it.

On Friday night the 3 of us camped out in our living room and watched a movie and then had a slumber party there.

On Saturday night we did the same thing, except in my bedroom (so I could sleep in my own bed).

Jesse slept longer than usual on the floor on his own "bed" and Meredith LOVED it. As soon as I told her what we were doing on Friday, she hugged me and called me the best mom in the world...

I'm thinking I should be taking more advantage of her getting excited about things that are so easy to do!


Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

The fun things in life are free but we forget that sometimes, don't we?

dad said...

It is so good to see our sweet wonderful grand children. The bridge is very long from here to home. I don't think we will ever be this fare from home again. It does seam like a long way. we talked with some people that were on a boat from Hawaii. It took them five days to get hear and it will take us five hours by plan then another 9 hours to get to Chicago. E-mail and computers have been a blessing. it would have been very hard with out them. Love those kids.


Donna said...

Ugh! I remember those days with Mitchell; now we kind of miss them. . . a little. :)