Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...


On Saturday, my sister and her two kids, along with another of my nieces came over to our house to spread the Christmas cheer and help me decorate for Christmas. Decorating is always something that I look forward to, but by the end, I just want to get it over with! So having helpers made it so much more fun to do. Here are a few pic's from the decorating mania.

So my nephew was totally into decorating the tree...which was so fun to see. As is usually the case when someone under the age of 5 decorates the Christmas tree, the ornaments are concentrated in a few areas on the tree. For instance, this shot below is taken just a few inches away from... (Yes, those red twisty things are ornaments. I count at least 7, maybe 8 of those just in this small area!) ...this shot! (That poor, lonely cinnamon stick ornament!) I know that I could even out the ornaments, but for right now, it sorta lends to the charm of my mismatched tree. My tree is one where the gingerbread man ornament Meredith made last year in preschool definitely fits in.

Other pictures from the decorating madness...

Let's see here, we have compote bowl #1
Compote bowl #2
Compote bowl #3
I could go on and on with the compote bowl pictures, but I think maybe I should stop there.

I'm pretty sure that Kent thinks I went overboard because of 1) the amount of decorating done, and 2) because it's only Nov. 16. As for the earliness, I tell him that if I put this much money and time and effort into decorating, why not enjoy it for more than just a few weeks? He was gone this evening and came home and said that he just loved the house, so maybe he is reconsidering his original opinion!

Anyway, my final thought to finish out this super-long post: BRING ON THE SNOW!


Amy and Ryan said...

Love it! And even more exciting is the fact that it's snowing here like crazy. Ryan is out of town so I think tonight I need to go pick up a few supplies so I can duplicate what you're doing!

bets said...

I certainly feel like I missed out! So when do you want to come and do my house? I'll be gone from Thursday - Saturday - so maybe my family will decide to surprise me too! :)
Yeah - right!!!