Friday, November 21, 2008


Every year I get Meredith a star ornament for Christmas. Last year her star was pink and sparkly - she totally loved it. (She actually loved it so much that she took it with her to school quite a few times and consequently left it in the bus one night. She was so distraught about leaving it in the bus that we had to go to the bus barn right then, find the bus, and retrieve the ornament.) Anyway, last year I decided that I would get Jesse a transportation ornament every year. Of course last year when he was 11 months old at Christmas, he wasn't too interested in the car that I had gotten for him. This year we put the ornaments on the tree while he was napping. When he woke up, he made a bee-line for the tree, and picked his 2 own ornaments off the tree right away...and this was the first time he had seen them. Since then, he plays and plays with his car from last year and his airplane from this year...he really loves them, can you tell? (After he's done playing with them, I can't even hang them back on the tree because he tries to pull the tree down when he tries to take them off the tree. So instead we just nestle them in the branches. Same effect as hanging, just much better b/c the tree stays upright when Jesse is around!)

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