Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindergartener no more

Well, Meredith is no longer a kindergartener. But Kent assures me that since she hasn't yet started first grade, that she isn't a first grader either.

At any rate, she's not in school anymore. And summer break is now in full swing.

Yesterday was her last day and although there were no tears, she was definitely sad that she wouldn't see her teacher all summer long.

And wouldn't see her 2 best friends 5 days a week.

Cara and Meredith are in the same Sunday School class at church, so they will see each other at least every week.

And Colby and Meredith both play t-ball (on separate teams) so they may see each other in passing between games.

But as Meredith points out to me, it's still not the same.

I'm just wondering what we will do all summer long.

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Jamie said...

I can't believe you have an "almost" 1st-grader! And she could not possibly be any cuter. :) Hope you have a great summer with the kiddos!