Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiking and Waterfalls

After reading my post from last night, I realized that I didn't say anything about where we are staying. We arrived at the resort in the Catskills Park on Sunday evening. The resort has seen better days and is a bit dated, but we are not letting that get us down! The condo has one room with a small kitchen on one wall, a dining room table, and sofa and chairs for the living area. There is only one bedroom, but it is fairly large, and it has a large walk in closet - which has been designated as Jesse's bedroom! There is a large indoor swimming pool and hot tub, and we've had fun swimming every day so far. The pool is quite a ways away in the main building - far enough that we need to drive. Which is actually nice because then Meredith isn't constantly begging to go to the pool.

This morning we went to Kaaterskill Falls, which is a 10-20 minute drive further into the Catskill mountains from here.

This waterfall (not Kaaterskill Falls) was right by the road, and also happened to be the trailhead.

Meredith was with me most of the time, and Kent carried Jesse or walked with him most of the time.

On our way to feel just how cold the water really is...

Kaaterskill Falls

Snack time with Daddy and Jesse.

Snack time with Meredith and I.

On the way back from the falls, we discovered that Jesse loved to walk along the trail - if you held onto both of his hands to keep him from falling.

Meredith and I are at the top of the falls - trust me, that really is us up there!

The rest of the day was occupied with napping and driving in the car (trying to find the elusive trails for Hunter Mountain, trying to go putt-putt golfing and finding out the golf course was closed, and looking for a fun ice cream shop in a scary, scary town.)

Tomorrow we venture into NYC. Our plan is to eat lunch somewhere around Times Square, then Meredith and I will go to the Hairspray Musical at 1:30, while Jesse and Kent will keep themselves occupied for a few hours (is anyone else curious as to what they will be doing??) We will then meet up, grab a quick supper somewhere (maybe a hotdog stand?) and take the subway to Yankee Stadium for the game. Wish us luck! Any last minute advice before we go?

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bets said...

Amazing, amazing pictures! What a beautiful hike!