Monday, September 8, 2008

Road Trip!

Alright, so we're not actually going on a road trip, but we are going on a vacation in 6 days. (It's just more fun to say "Road Trip!") Yes, that's right...we're going in 6 days. 6 days to get my empty flower beds planted and mulched, the lawn mown probably twice because it's waaaaaaaaaay too long now, get the laundry done (probably twice), finish my giganto project of the church's annual report, clean the house (don't you hate coming home after a vacation to a messy home?) and pack everything (including the kitchen sink) that 2 adults and 2 kids will need for a week away from home. Oh yeah, and everything we pack has to fit into 2 large suitcases and a carryon suitcase. Seems impossible, you say? Well, you're right. As of now it does seem completely insane. I do remember back in May when it sounded like a good idea to fly to New York instead of driving. However, that was maybe before I realized that we would have to take 1 carseat, 1 booster seat, and 1 large stroller in addition to our suitcases and 2 kids on an airplane! And we only have 3 tickets, which now means only 3 checked bags if we don't want to pay an extra fee for extra bags. I always knew that being a mother meant you would have to be creative, I just didn't think it would involve creative packing strategies! So wish us luck - I'm wondering just how many bags they'll let us check planeside?? 2? 3? 10?

And you may wonder about the pictures. No, they have nothing to do with our vacation, but aren't they just too cute to not post?

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