Friday, September 5, 2008

Love the Roomba

This summer we got a Roomba, and I'm in love with it! If you've never seen or heard of a Roomba, it's a small robotic vacuum that does your vacuuming for you.

You put it in a room, turn it on, and come back half an hour to 45 minutes later and it has vacuumed the whole room! Of course you have to make sure things are picked up off the floor - like toys, the stray hair band, electrical cords, etc. Not only does it vacuum your floor, but it is also good family fun! (Yes, we do have a life, but just not a very exciting one!) Check out Jesse with the Roomba - watch how the red ottoman is his "home base"!

(It sounds really loud in the video, but I don't think of it as being extra noisy. In fact, I sometimes vacuum my bedroom or Meredith's bedroom while Jesse is napping, and it certainly doesn't wake him up even though it's right beside his room.)
For those of you who don't like to vacuum, and consequently don't vacuum frequently, I would highly recommend the Roomba. You need to empty the dustbin and clean the brushes every few times you use it, but to me that's a little price to pay for not having to vacuum. Small disclaimer though: make sure you block the doorways well before turning it loose. I set it to go in my kitchen (yes, it cleans linoleum and hardwood too) and the kids and I went outside to play for almost an hour. When we came back inside it had pushed a chair out of the doorway and got loose on our first floor. We could see where it went from the tracks that it leaves, and it had taken a few swipes in the living room, a few swipes in the office, and was busy cleaning the bathroom when we found it!

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