Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Intentions

Sometimes I think my days and weeks just fill up with good intentions. For instance, the stack of thank you cards I keep moving around thinking that if I keep seeing them I'll finally write and mail them. Or the to do list that just gets longer and longer because I don't quite get to the point where I can cross anything off. I opened this cupboard this afternoon and was nearly knocked off my feet with the pure chaos! I've decided this is where it all starts. My January 8th (I couldn't even commit to New Years) resolution is to organize this chaotic mess. Check back and I'll post the after pic and maybe a few tips I learned along the way.



cindy said...

Kristen is this really your cupboard? I am pleasantly surprised...LOL Can't wait to see end results. Labels and the whole bit ...right?

Theresa + Kent said...

Both Beth and I were also amazed that our sister had a cabinet that looked like this. It gives me hope!