Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good Intentions

I've finally taken the time to follow through with my good intentions and I've tackled the messy catch-all cupboard. Here's a couple of things that I learned. First, there's no need to keep the dried up playdoh and crusty paint. Really, we will never use them, it's time to toss the stuff that has no use. Second, if I feel the need to keep every envelope without a matching card, I must containerize them - notice the basket on the bottom shelf? And third by making use of my new label maker, it's easy to find things and more importantly, easy for anyone who can read, to put them away. Hopefully I'll make more progress around the house and I'll share the results of my good intentions.

1 comment:

Theresa + Kent said...

The cabinet looks great, Kristen. Now I just have to come to terms that your whole house really is as organized as I thought it was!