Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Florida here we come! (Part II)

One thing that is so special to me about this trip to Florida with Meredith is that I took a trip like that with my mom when I was 4. We flew in an airplane (Mom, was that my first airplane ride?) to visit both of my grandparents in Sarasota, FL. (Most Florida trips were taken via car.) I don't remember too terribly much about the trip, but I do remember that it was special to be able to do that with just my mom.

And now Meredith will have that same special memory of going on a trip to Florida to visit her grandparents with her mom.

I had to look back at pictures from the trip - aren't they too cute?!? Here I am with my Grandpa and Grandma Litwiller...

I especially love my red socks or tights with my white sandals.

Mom, was this the trip that I told Grandpa Beachy that the reason he couldn't wear a sundress like mine was because he didn't have any hair?

Anyway, can you tell that I'm waaaay excited??

Thank you to Kent for letting Mer and I go, and thanks to my parents for having us!

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mom said...

yes, this was the trip. My dad kept teasing you about how he wanted to have sundresses like yours. This is also the trip that you told grandma and I that grandpa went to where they make bread because he had told you, he was going to the loafing bench by the Post Office. See you in a very few days.