Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Intentions

I guess it's time for another dose of good intentions, this time thanks to Theresa.

Yesterday I enlisted her cooking knowledge to help me make yummy apple hand pies for our super bowl party. We got all the ingredients out and started measuring. As Theresa's using her fingers to level the measuring cup of flour, she says, "what's with the chopsticks in the flour?" "Hmmm" I say, "maybe a good way to keep your fingers out of there." So here's my first tip - keep a set of chopsticks in your flour container and then use the chopstick to level your cup instead of your finger or another utensil.

Lucky day - here's one more tip I just figured out. I realized I had forgotten to get a tablecloth out for our dining room and company is on their way. So, I just put my tablecloth on the table, wrinkles and all, and then sprayed with with a water bottle, stretched the cloth out and all the wrinkles disappeared. It was so quick and I didn't even need to heat up the iron.


Theresa + Kent said...

I just want to assure everyone that YES, I had washed my hands prior to sticking them in the flour!

Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

Some more good tips. I have tried that spray tip with a skirt or shirt when I am in a real hurry and they are wrinkled.