Saturday, February 21, 2009

a special supper

Last week we had a great valentine's day. For lunch Kent and I had sushi (one of my favorite foods) and Mer and Jesse had mac-n-cheese and yogurt from the Target snack shop (2 of their favorite foods!) (We got sushi at New-Pioneer first, then took it to Target to eat.) Then Meredith and I went to see the movie, Hotel for Dogs. Kent took Jesse to play on the toys in the mall, and then they got a few groceries. By that time, we were out of the movie and ready to go home.

The kids had an early supper and were to bed by 7:30 (not so much fun for them!) Then Kent and I made our own special valentine's day meal.

The menu: blackened salmon, cheese fondue, spaghetti alfredo, and custard for dessert. Yes, we're way into health-conscious meals. Can you tell? ;)

This is our standard special meal menu that we make. The reason we make blackened salmon is from our memorable first trip to Red Fish, and the cheese fondue is reminiscent of when we had cheese fondue while honeymooning in Switzerland.

We had quite the mess to clean up, but it was totally worth it!

All in all, quite a good Valentine's day!

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