Saturday, February 21, 2009

a long week

Like the setting sun shows us that the day is ending, I'm so glad that it is Saturday and that this week is ending.

It's been a long one.

I've had a really bad cold that gets exponentially worse when I lay down in bed at night. Causing me to sleep horribly.

Meredith was home sick on Thursday and Friday with strep throat.

Our computer is still on the fritz. If we leave it sit for more than 10-15 minutes, it will freeze up and go to a blue screen. But if I keep working on it, it's just fine (knock on wood.)

It's cold and snowy again, and I'm ready for spring.

It's just been a long week.


bets said...

really it was a long week because you missed us so much! I know the real truth!!!
I have a movie to show you... :)

mom said...

Is the winter about over? I know you need some warm weather to cheer you up----soooon.