Friday, February 6, 2009


Jesse, do you want a snack?

"Snack." (Or rather, "nack")

What do you want for a snack?


What would you like to eat?


Should we go get a snack?


OK, how 'bout pretzels?


What about some popcorn?


Ummmmmmmm. Dry frosted mini-wheats?

"Uh-huh!" (His way of saying yes!)
You'll notice that Meredith is wearing a Hannah Montana shirt. Some mornings it is a real struggle to get Meredith out of bed, dressed and fed by 7:15 in time for the school bus. (I don't know where she gets that because of course I was always up in plenty of time to catch the school bus!) At times, Meredith can be in quite a bad mood when we get her up. Last week one morning she was in a really bad mood and was refusing to get out of bed or get dressed. After trying all that I could think of to coax her out of bed, I had finally had it. So I punished her. What sort of punishment, you ask? I took away all 3 of her Hannah Montana shirts for a whole week. And let me tell you, this truly was a hardship for Mer. She tries to wear one of the shirts every day - and would wear the same shirt the whole week if I let her. So on Wednesday she was finally able to wear her beloved Hannah Montana shirt again.

And all was right with the world!

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Marlinda said...

Ok, no comment about the fingers in the flour--except to say that when Chance was a student of mine and his class was cooking he once told me, "Mom, I won't tell the other kids how you really do it at home."

I'm begging for the popper dip recipe--I used to have one and can't find it.