Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Bowl or Supper Bowl?

So we had fun at my sister Kristen's house for a Super Bowl gathering. As you can read from the previous post, she made these yummy apple hand pies. And chili. And bacon wrapped little smokies. And had chips and guacamole. And provided the drinks. Everyone else was supposed to bring something to go with the chili, but really, we wouldn't have needed to bring anything.

But of couse we did. Oh did we ever!

I made wings to take along. I've never attempted them before, but I'm telling you, Pioneer Woman makes everything seem so...well...easy to make. So I tried them. I think they were good, but I don't really know because I had only a bite of one before we left the house. (That's always why I hate taking a cake or pie or something to a potluck that I can't test it beforehand...but I digress...) I love wings, but I prefer the BBQ ones, or teriyaki, or something other than plain 'ole buffalo wings. Kent assured me that they were great, though. (The photo is courtesy of Pioneer Woman.)

Anyway, I also made this awesome jalepeno popper dip to go with chips. (Yes, it was one of at least 3 dips at the party...wait...that didn't come out quite right!) Kent's sister Karol made this dip at Christmas, and I've made it at least 3 or 4 times since then. It tastes just like jalapeno poppers (hence the name) but it's way easier than actually making jalepeno poppers. I almost don't want to share the recipe with anyone because then you'll see how easy it is to make!

Finally, I made these way yummy lemon cookies for the party. And seriously, I've never made an easier cookie! (Yes, I had a theme for the last two items: easy-peasy!) Anyway, I found the cookies here. And this is the recipe: mix a tub of Cool Whip and 2 eggs. Add a box of cake mix (I used lemon for mine) and mix together. Drop by spoonfuls into a bowl of powdered sugar and roll around to coat. Then bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes. And that's it folks! They are sooooo good. I got stuff to make strawberry cookies next...we'll see how those are!

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Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

Sounds like we missed out. We watched and I made layered taco dip- so we had only one dip!! Depends on how we classify dips!!!!