Sunday, December 7, 2008

25 years

25 years ago on November 26, my big sister Beth got married to Rod. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, my niece Taylor and my other sister Kristen planned a party for Beth and Rod. I didn't do much planning, but got to help carry out the plans to make the party happen. I had thought it would be so much work, but it turned out to be so much fun getting ready. The worst part of everything was totally not being able to say anything to Beth!

Before pictures from the party, you need a little background first...

Yes, I was 5...the age of Meredith. I found a card that I had made for Beth before the wedding, and it looks just like the cards that Meredith makes. Too cute, right?!?
Here is Beth, my brother Mike, my sister Kristen, and yours truly.

Now back to the party. Here we were in the process of transforming the church...
Lauren taking a break from the hard work of decorating...

Meredith found her special place to play under a table.

And the transformation is complete!

The big surprise! Beth and Rod knew that Taylor and Lauren were planning something for Saturday night, but just didn't know what it was. They were definitely surprised when a limo picked them up and brought them to church where their friends and family were waiting for them.
Beth and Rod and their two girls.

Lauren and her cronies.
Taylor's friend Allison played and sang a few songs throughout the night - what a voice she has!

Surprisingly Kristen and Randy are playing with their camera here instead of playing a game on a phone! ;)

Kent and I - we didn't plan to both wear blue - I promise!
Taylor's small group from school helped serve and clean up...and what a wonderful help they truly were! By the time the party was over and we all started to clean things up, they had already washed all 60-70 teacups, the same number of glass snack trays, and all the silverware that we used. What a difference that made!

All in all, it was a great party - hopefully Beth and Rod enjoyed it too in spite of the surprise!


bets said...

Thank you!!!

Mary and Wilbur Litwiller said...

What a fun night - it brought back many memories for Mom and Dad. 25 years ago was the first time dad walked one of his daughters down the aisle and he shed a few tears.
Great pictures.

Donna said...

Thanks for posting the pics Theresa! I like the last little smooth. What fun!

Kim said...

What a nice party! How nice of Beth's sisters to help the girls:)