Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day II

Snow Day Count
Snow Days: 2
Early Outs Due to Snow: 3

Meredith had another snow day last Friday to bring us to the total count above. Beth or Kim, can either of you tell me how many snow days were built into the school calendar? Like, will they have to go to school into June again? Anyway, Meredith officially started her Christmas vacation on Friday - and is excited that she gets to be home so much. We'll see how long it takes her to start asking when she can go back to school to play with her friends!

We had a church snow day on Sunday morning in addition to the snow day for school on Friday. Meredith was totally bummed that she couldn't wear her Christmas dress to church, so she wore it around our house. She also got a bunch of little ponies for a Christmas present from a friend, so she played with those all morning long on Sunday.

Apparently the ponies were hungry for pancakes for breakfast too.

And this afternoon they all had to take a nap when we got home from work.The ponies are sharing a pillow with Meredith tonight in bed. Unfortunately that means that Meredith gets about an eighth of the pillow. Which is actually fine because she usually ends up sleeping with her head at the foot or either side of the bed anyway.

Again, fun times for snow days and Christmas break!

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Kim said...

Are those "My Pretty Ponies"??? (I think that was the name of some that I bought my girls when they were little! Are they the same thing? You know I only have little boys to buy for! And, we don't have any snow days built into the calendar. We'll make them up at the end of the year unless we have too many, then we'll probably go on President's day and/or at Spring break like we did last year.