Friday, December 12, 2008

Yum-O Snack

As you know from my previous posts, Meredith had a snow day on Tuesday. I wanted to have a special snack in the afternoon to celebrate the snow day. So Meredith and I decided to make donut holes. First off, you can see my lovely assistant in the picture above. No need for a pesky apron or anything - her scarf and princess dress are washable, right?!? Anyway, we used a can of refrigerator biscuits and first I cut them in fourths, and then Meredith rolled each piece into a little ball. Next, I fried them in hot oil. Some of them wouldn't stay on one side but kept flipping over so it would be raw dough on the top and crispy on the bottom. (If anyone has any tips on how to keep that from happening, let me know!)
After I got them out of the oil and patted them dry on a paper towel, I put them in a bowl with sugar, where Meredith would use tongs to coat them with sugar. She was pretty excited that she could use such a grown up utensil - no boring big spoon or spatula for her!
But by the end, she got tired of the tongs and would just wait until the donuts were cool enough so that she could just use her hands to coat them with sugar.
Mmmm, yummy donuts! (Yes, some of them got a little burnt, but they're covered in sugar so they're still good!)
I couldn't get her to stop eating long enough to take a just pretend that you can't tell that she has a donut in her mouth in the picture below!

Perfect snack for a perfect snow day!

(Poor Jesse, he had to take a nap during all of this fun. We did leave enough donuts for Jesse and Kent to try later though. And Mom, I set some aside for you but I keep forgetting to bring them to you!)


Emma said...

Hi! Love your blog! Who knew? Not me, that's for sure. I had a snow day today but didn't have nearly as much fun as Meredith did on her snow day. I will follow your beautiful family in your blog. My fav books are on your list: the Mitford Series. Anything by Maeve Binchey or Rosamond Pilcher. Read them all. Auntie Em

kristen said...

My tip for the donuts is to hold it down in the oil for a bit and then it shouldn't flip over. I guess you'll have to make them again to see if it works.