Monday, December 22, 2008

Orange Marmalade & Pickle Relish

Last week my sister, Kristen, and I made pepper jelly together. Unfortunately we (well, actually Kristen) forgot the red peppers. Ok, so the red peppers are the most important ingredient in red pepper jelly, but no big deal! (She's sitting right beside me as I type this, so I can give her a little grief!) Seriously though, the recipe calls for either red or green peppers, so we made one batch with green peppers and one batch with orange and yellow peppers. The orange pepper jelly is really pretty, it's just that it looks more like orange marmalade instead of pepper jelly. The green pepper jelly is totally the same color as pickle relish...tastes just as good as red pepper jelly...but just looks like pickle relish. Who knew that bright green peppers would end up looking so army green when chopped up?

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Emma said...

Your jelly looks delicious! Must give your recipe a try. I've usually made jalapeno jelly by adding some chopped jalapenos to regular green peppers with some green food coloring to make a bright green color. You can make it as hot as you like. Very good on cream cheese.