Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here are some pictures from our Christmas with Theresa's family.

Fun boxing with the Wii. Well, I think Randy had fun, but I don't know how much Kent enjoyed being knocked out time and time again!

Fun watching the boxing...

You would think he was looking at all the presents under the tree instead of watching the boxing match. (OK, so he was probably having fun watching Kent do everything to NOT get knocked out!)

Yummy fondue. This year because of my mom's surgery on the 23rd, the question was raised as to if we should scale back the Christmas Eve meal. I think I 'bout had a heart attack - mess with tradition? No way!

Jesse got a tractor and wagon for Christmas...

"Come on Mom, can't you get it out of the box any faster???"

"Seriously, I have the tractor but hurry up and get the wagon out of the box!"


When Jace received these little cars, Jesse was quite upset that they weren't his. Thankfully Jace let Jesse play with them!

Does this tell you anything if you see the kids reading on Christmas Eve? I think they were having fun, but were just having a little down time...yeah, we'll say that they were just too exhausted from all the playing!

Speaking of exhausted, oh what a toll the Christmas festivities take on a girl.


Kim said...

Looks like a great time! I agree with you--you don't mess with tradition!!

Anonymous said...

Just for the record...Yes, I was getting knocked out in boxing on a video game by Randy, but He (and all) knows in real life the contest would be much more competitive - despite the fact I give up 4 inches and about 60lbs.

Anonymous said...

Real men weigh at least 200 lb!